Jurassic World: Fact from Fiction?

Jurassic World

Date: Friday 17th March 2017
Time: 18:00-21:30
Location: Building 67 (Nightingale), Room 1027, Highfield Campus
Recommended suitability: All ages
(Please note: parental discretion is advised as we will be showing Jurassic World which has been awarded a 12A rating)

Join us for a ‘dinomite’ night as Jurassic World comes to Southampton. This is a film screening with a difference– not only will you get a chance to watch the 2015 blockbuster Jurassic World but you’ll be able to explore the science behind the film and see some fossils up close and personal!

This event is free to attend, but requires a ticket to be booked in advance from here.

Palaeontologist Dr. Neil Gostling will be setting the scene for us all beforehand by exploring some of the science in the film. After that, we’ll be settling in to watch some dinosaurs run riot in the latest Jurassic Park film: Jurassic World (run time of 124 minutes), so don’t forget to bring your popcorn along! After the film, Dr Gostling will be opening the floor to a discussion as to whether we could actually ever bring back the dinosaurs…

**Please note: this event takes place at Highfield Campus in the Nightingale Building. For detailed instructions on reaching this venue, parking and facilities please visit our location page here**