The Wrong Stuff with Ian B Dunne

Ian B Dunne

Date: Monday 13th March 2017
Time: 19:00-21:00
(Please note: show will promptly start at 19:30 and late arrivals may not be admitted)
Location: Building 65, Lecture Theatre A, Avenue Campus
Recommended suitability: We recommend this show for ages 12+

Join us for a night of sideways leaps through the dead ends of the history of science with emphasis on entertainment, amusement and changing the way you look at the world with ‘The Wrong Stuff (The Science that seemed a good idea at the time)’ show. A bit of science comedy for grown ups with SOTSEF favourite, Ian B Dunne.

This show is free to attend, but requires a ticket to be booked in advance from here.

‘From Aristotle to Piltdown man, scientific ideas that seemed to be right at the time but have since turned out very wrong. Phlogiston, Phrenology, Hollow Earth and the shrinking earth and many other bright ideas are laughed at now because the scientific method proved them wrong. But it’s a good idea to see what we can learn from the mistakes of others.’

The show will begin at 19:30 and runs for approximately 90 minutes.

**Please note: this event takes place at Avenue Campus. For detailed instructions on this venue, click here**