Zone 7: The Archaeology Village

Location: On the green behind Garden Court

Find us: Follow the BROWN coloured signs

Front of Map

Facilities: This is an outdoor venue with no additional facilities.


Archaeology Village Excavation **New for 2017**
Come and experience an archaeological excavation in the village. Excavate archaeological finds from our trench, record the finds and learn how they are conserved.

Camera Obscura
Come and see the Archaeology Village from a completely new perspective.

Keeping Caveman Warm: Turning Animal Furs to Clothing **New for 2017**
For thousands of years, humans kept warm by dressing in the furs and hides of animals they had hunted. Come and learn how prehistoric people used science to solve this most basic of survival challenges during the last ice age.

Life at the Cutting Edge **New for 2017**
Come and see how archaeologists work beyond digging in trenches and reading in libraries. Interact with some of our replica stone tools and understand how we’re using modern methods to understand how these would’ve been used by our Prehistoric ancestors.

Making and Dating Prehistoric Cave Art
Come and mix your own prehistoric paint and decorate the walls of our Palaeolithic cave with art. Learn how we date prehistoric cave art and the ways in which this has helped us to discover some of the earliest drawings made by humans.

Meet the Ancestors: Archaeology of Human Bones
Come and investigate a real 14th century skeleton, and try to decipher how he lived and died. Using osteological skills, learn how archaeologists investigate skeletal remains to create biographies of people from the past.

Prehistoric metallurgy: copper smelting in the Bronze Age
Come and watch the furnace in action, see the molten metal being poured into stone casts for the manufacture of copper artefacts, and handle objects relating to past episodes of metalworking.

Seeing Beneath the Ground: Archaeological Survey
Remote sensing techniques reveal archaeological remains without digging big holes. Come and meet the team that surveyed Old Sarum Iron Age hillfort and have a go using ground-penetrating radar, magnetics, and electrical resistivity kit to see what’s under your feet.

Stories from Bones: Archaeology meets Bioengineering **New for 2017**
Please Note: this activity is located in Building 40 (Zone 4) overlooking the Archaeology Village.
Follow the story of one archaeological fractured femur. As our 3D printer scans and makes the scale model, you can learn all about the archaeological and biomechanical/engineering approaches we use to unravel the story of the bone.

Textiles through Time: Bronze and Iron Age Weaving **New for 2017**
Textiles are an archaeological material generally unseen by the public, because much of the evidence is scant and ill-preserved. The remains we do have are often found in wetland sites, and marine environments. Come and see weaving techniques, both on Bronze and Iron Age warp-weighted looms, and Hallstatt ‘tablet-weaving’ from Austria during the same period.

Tools through Time: Making Tools from Stone **New for 2017**
Come and learn how people in the past made sharp flint flakes to make handheld knives, and tips to put on spears, and thus solved one of the major technological challenges of their day: how to hunt and butcher their food.