Zone 5: Theano

Theano derived the rule for golden geometry and with her husband (Pythagoras) opened the first co-educational university in 600BC.

Location: Building 32 (EEE)

Find us: Follow the WHITE coloured signs

Front of Map

Facilities: This is an accessible venue.


Butterfly Wings **New for 2017**
Workshop in 3077 from 10:30-12:15 and 13:45-2:45

Come and make yourself a set of butterfly wings to wear around the festival and learn the science about them! Please note this is a limited space workshop and is first-come, first-served.

Periscopes **New for 2017**
Workshop in 3077 at 12:30-13:30 and 15:00-16:00
Come and learn the science behind periscopes and make your own cardboard one to take home in our fun workshops. Please note this is a limited space workshop and is first-come, first-served.

Teachers Zone **Free bookable tickets**
Are you a Teacher? Well come and join the School-University Partnership Initiative in the Teacher Zone to find out how we can work together. Grab yourself a goody bag, pick up the teachers’ festival map and get new exciting demos for the classroom.


Science Magic…Magic Science **Free bookable tickets**
Lecture Room 1015
Science is not magic and magic most definitely is not science but this is a show that is about science and works like magic to get the audiences attention, make them gasp, wonder, and laugh. All demonstrations, no pictures, or video, from funny noises and smells to making solid objects float in the air and many others to. Performed by the experienced presenter, Ian B Dunne, this extremely amusing and diverting show has mystery, suspense and laughs.

Shows at 11:00; 12:15; 14:15 and 15:30
Run time: 60 minutes
Suitability: all ages.