Zone 1: Emily Warren Roebling

Emily Warren Roebling was the Chief Engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Locations: Building 7 (Lanchester), Building 15 (Wolfson) Building 17 (RJ Mitchell Wind Tunnel) and Building 25.

Find us: Follow the BLUE coloured signs

Front of Map

Facilities: This venue is fully accessible.


Zone 1 CustardCustard Rolling
Get your hands into cold custard and find out its surprising properties. Watch it dancing on top of a loudspeaker!

Getting a Grip
Interact with our Tribology demonstration equipment to get to know more about slip, grip and wear

ICARUS Wingsuit Project
Learn about the ICARUS project– a student project to build a wingsuit capable of breaking world records for human flight. Learn all about how they design the suits and then test them in the Wind Tunnel.

Minecraft Map
Come and explore our Minecraft Map and build your own additions to the campus.

Railway Model
OO gauge railway model showing the range of engineering skills that go into building, maintaining and operating a modern railway.

Zone 1 ChambersSound Advice! **New for 2017**
Experience a room where nobody can hear you scream and one where many people will beg you to stop screaming!

The Railway Challenge 2017: 1/5 Scale Railway Locomotive **New for 2017**
This 1/5 scale locomotive weighing nearly half a tonne is being built for a national competition in July. The judges will be looking for energy storage, traction, ride comfort, noise and maintainability.


Zone 1 RJEngineering, Design and Manufacturing Workshops
Explore the cutting edge manufacturing and machinery workshops we have; full of top of the line machine tools and equipment.

RJ Mitchell Wind Tunnel
Explore the RJ Mitchell Wind Tunnel with our Formula 1 Model

Science Soundwalk **New for 2017**
Walks at 12:00 and 14:00
A soundwalk is a walk with a focus on listening to the environment. Our walk will be led by Maria Papadomanolaki, a sound artist and experienced soundwalker.  We will walk as a group around the festival to explore its  different sounds and to see how a focus on listening can enhance our experience of the event.