Zone 2: Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr was the inventor of Wi-Fi, torpedo guidance systems and bouillon cubes whilst also being an actress

Location: Building 85 (Life Sciences), Building 20 (High Voltage Labs)

Find us: Follow the ORANGE coloured signs.

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Facilities: Fully accessible venue. There is a café onsite.


Acoustic Levitation
Experience sonic levitation.  An interactive ultrasonic levitator lets you play with the forces created by sound. We show you how these forces can be used in tissue engineering and detecting bacteria.

Bubble Tamers
Listen to how bubbles can effect sound and how we can use this magical property in the world.

Hands on Sound
Explore optical motion capture systems for sound processing in live music performance.

How to help people with hearing loss
Gain an insight in how the ear transmits sounds to the brain and experience hearing loss and listening through a hearing aid or cochlear implant using real-time simulations. Also have a chance to  have a look inside your ear using video-otoscopy.

Play-Music: Music-Play **New for 2017**
Using a variety of interactive examples, you will be able to “play” with sound and music in different ways – exploring different aspects of music, such as rhythm, pitch,  and dynamics, and using different methods to interact with them.

Railway noise and vibration
See our Lego trainset and buildings demonstrating transmission of vibration into buildings. Including other demos of environmental and transport noise

Ultrasound for Medicine **New for 2017**
Ultrasound can be used to look into your body and to measure blood flow. This display will explain how some of this medical technology works, using live demonstrations.

Virtual Acoustics **New for 2017**
Come experience a truly 360-degree audio experience with cutting edge experimental speaker arrays.

What’s Got Up Your Nose? **New for 2017**
What’s got up your nose? Take part as science battles against pneumonia! You are a walking zoo, home to billions of different bacteria. Each body site is its own enclosure but do you know what bacteria you’ve got in the cage you call your nose? No? Then why not come and find out as we do some science, live and exclusive. And you can take part too!


Does it Conduct? Tours in the High Voltage Lab
Tour times tbc

Discover which materials do and do not conduct electricity in our High Voltage Laboratory.