Zone 3: Maggie Aderin-Pocock

Maggie Aderin-Pocock is a space instrument designer and a science educator who hosts ‘Sky at Night’

Location: Building 46 (Physics)

Find us: Follow the YELLOW coloured signs

Front of Map

Facilities: Fully accessible venue. Seating area located in this building.


PlayDoh Planets (10:30-12:30) **New for 2017**
TR4- Level 1

Make a scaled solar system with the scientists from the Women Physics Network.
People Like Me (13:30-15:30) **New for 2017**
TR4- Level 1

What sort of person is your daughter? Come and do a short workshop with female scientists from the Women Physics Network to determine which future career might suit your personality best.
Planeterrella (10:30 – 16.30) **New for 2017**
Room 3101
An introduction to our new interactive northern lights demonstration which shows how the aurora is produced on Earth lead by Space Environment Physics group PhD students.


Accelerate! **Free bookable tickets**
Lecture Theatre C
Ever wondered how the world’s biggest machine, The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), works or what makes up everything in the universe? Accelerate is an interactive and exciting science show about answering those exact questions with the help of practical demonstrations, explosions, electrifying members of the audience using a Van der Graaf Generator, liquid nitrogen and levitating superconductors! Come join us for a 50 minute show where we will break down the recipe for building your very own particle accelerate and how to use it to discover the hidden secrets of how the most fundamental building blocks of the universe works.

Show times: 10:45; 11:45; 13:45; 15:00
Run Time: Approximately 50 minutes
Suitability: Secondary age and above.

Astrodome **Free bookable tickets**
Seminar Room 5081
Experience a live planetarium show lead by undergrad and PhD astronomers. Learn about the work astronomers do and get an introduction to the physics of the night sky on the day of the show.

Shows at: 10:45; 11:45; 13:30; 14:15 and 15:30
Run Time: Approximately 45 minutes
Suitability: all ages.

The Light Express Roadshow **Free, no need to book in advance**
Lecture Theatre A
The Light Express Roadshow features a dazzling laser light display created by powerful lasers not generally seen outside research labs. The show presents its audience with a series of fascinating visual demonstrations exploring the physics of light and the science behind the internet developed at the University of Southampton.

Shows at: 11:30; 13:15 and 14:45
Run Time: Approximately 45 minutes
Suitability: all ages.