Zone 9: The Biodiversity Hub

Location: Valley Gardens

Find us: Follow the RED coloured signs

Front of Map

Facilities: This is an outdoor venue with no additional facilities.

Guided Nature Walks to the Biodiversity Hub will depart approximately every 15 minutes from the Plaza outside Building 40 (Zone 4- Pink)


BioBlitz: Making Species Count **New for 2017**
Discover an array of plants and minibeasts at the University’s Valley Gardens, and learn about the way insect biodiversity supports ecosystem services such as pollination and soil nutrient cycling. You can also come meet Zebraversity, one of Marwell Zoo’s Zany Zebras, in her new home and take part in her nature treasure hunt!

Explore the world of Bats **New for 2017**
Take part in a guided bat treasure hunt around Valley Gardens to find out why bats are so important. You can also listen to bats echolocating and learn to identify different species from their unique calls.

Hampshire Wildlife Trust
Come and learn more about the work of the Hampshire Wildlife Trust

Keystone Collapse **New for 2017**
Explore biodiversity through this artwork on how three different Chinese lakes have been transformed from clear water ecosystems teeming with wildlife to algae clogged, green water with fewer species.

Species Identification with EnvSoc **New for 2017**
Come and identify some invertebrates from the Valley Gardens streams. There are more of these curious creatures about than you might think.