Zone 6: Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace was the world’s first computer programmer

Location: Building 53 (Mountbatten), Building 59 (Zepler) and Building 58 (Murray)

Find us: Follow the BLACK coloured signs

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Facilities: These are an accessible venues.


Admin Data Geo Challenge **New for 2017**
Have you ever wondered about the research that can be done using administrative data, for example the census, hospital admissions or education records? Can researchers use these data and keep your privacy safe? How do you and your family benefit from research using administrative data? Join us to discover how our researchers at the Administrative Data Research Centre for England (ADRC-E) use de-identified, linked administrative data to benefit our society, improving the quality of our lives and those of future generations. Challenge your knowledge to better understand your community by transforming yourself into an Admin Data Research master in our Admin Data Geo challenge!

Cyber Security
Break the spectre code; learn how to stay safe on the internet. Brought to you by the student Cyber Security society

Electronic Construction
Solder your own electronic gadgets.

Future Worlds **New for 2017**
Future Worlds is a startup platform and business incubator championing the innovative commercial opportunities being developed by researchers and students at the University of Southampton.

Come and use our hands-on experiments to learn about Mirrors and Reflections, Sound and Light, Lenses, Optical Fibres and Telecommunications, The Electromagnetic Spectrum, Optical Illusions and The Eye.

Nanofabrication **New for 2017**
Come and don a cleanroom suit, get involved in a lithography experiment, see nano-dimensions first hand and then explore some materials.

Printed Smart Fabric Musical Instruments
Do you believe that fabric itself can interact with you? Do you want to see if fabric can play music? Do you want to see if fabric can light up itself? If you want to see all of these, please come along to the Printed Smart Fabric stand!

Radio Treasure Hunt
Find the hidden transmitters on the campus using a direction-finding radio. Organised by G3KMI, the student amateur radio club.

Robogals: LEGO Mindstorm Programming
Come along and learn how to program LEGO EV3 robots from our volunteers or just have fun with our demo robots, while learning how sensors help them avoid obstacles or recognize colours.


Exposing the Insiders: How maths helps to reveal the mechanics of movement **Free, just turn up**
Lecture Theatre C: 11:00-11:45
Mathematics plays an important role in our understanding of how the human body works. Examples include improving sports performance in elite athletes, designing prosthetics for those who have been unfortunate enough to lose limbs, as well as more normal medical interventions such as the virtual pre-operative planning of joint replacements. This talk will use simple examples to illustrate the application of various mathematical and engineering techniques in medicine and biomechanics.

Shadows, slot machines, needles and noodles **Free, just turn up**
Lecture Theatre C: 12:15-13:00
Why are the 20p and 50p pieces 7-sided? And why are the sides a little bit curved?  Who was August-Louis Cauchy and what does his study of areas of shadows have to do with spilling a tin of dress-makers pins on a bare wooden floor in Paris? How easy or hard is it to play the child’s pastime of avoiding treading the cracks in the pavement. How is the pavement tiled anyway? What do we know about how to tile the pavement? And what don’t we know?   How do we measure area? How do we measure volume? How do we measure length?  In this talk, I will show you that common sense thinking about area and length leads quickly to solutions od deep mathematical theorems that anyone (yes anyone) can understand.   Finally  I will invite you to dream up new ways of tiling the bathroom using 5-sided tiles and to consider the wisdom of introducing a one pound coin with 12 sides instead of 7 or 11.

Measuring the world: From Pythagoras to Big Data **Free, just turn up**
Lecture Theatre C 13:30-14:15
Geometry is the study of shape, size, and properties of space. Since its creation in antiquity, it has been a central part of mathematics and it is indispensable to our understanding of the world in which we live. In more recent times, at the beginning of the twentieth century, a new branch of mathematics, Topology, evolved to complement geometry in the study of shape. In modern mathematics, Geometry and Topology have a central place in research and applications.   I will trace the development of the main ideas that have shaped this exciting subject and which today form the basis of modern mathematical data analysis.

Is Our Universe A Hologram? **Free, just turn up**
Lecture Theatre C 15:00-16:30
Take a journey to the cutting edge of theoretical physics: string theory! In this interactive “Cafe Scientifique” discussion session, we will explore one of string theory’s most surprising predictions, that all the information in our 3D universe may be contained in a mysterious 2D image, like a hologram. This “holographic principle” promises not only to unite Einstein’s relativity with quantum physics, but also has the potential to provide us with cleaner energy, faster computers, and novel electronics. This event includes a brief lecture, but will mostly be an informal, audience-driven Q+A, so bring plenty of questions!


Mountbatten Building Cleanroom Tour
Tour around a university’s state-of-the-art cleanrooms where researchers make the next generation of electronics and photonics. Including the optical fibre drawing towers and the nanofabrication centre.


Mini Professors **New for 2017**
Workshops in Room 1025 11:00-11:45; 13:00-13:45 and 15:00-15:45 with drop-in sessions
The Mini Professors workshops are designed especially for pre-school children to come and experience science. Put on your mini-lab coat and get stuck in to a range of science experiments! Please be aware the workshops have a limited capacity and are first-come, first served.

Aladdin and the Mystery of the Flying Carpet **New for 2017**
Workshops in Room 1035 at 11:00-12:00 and 14:00-15:00
Come and join Aladdin on his adventure and find out if it is really possible to ride a flying carpet. A interactive drama workshop. Please be aware the workshops have a limited capacity and are first-come, first served.