Zone 10: Lise Meitner

Lise Meitner was the first theoretical explanation of nuclear fission

Locations: Building 65 (Nightingale)

Find us: Follow the NAVY coloured signs

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Facilities: This venue is fully accessible.

Please Note: This zone is likely to be busy. There may be times where we will be regulating the number of people within the area and you may have to wait to gain access to the activities. We will be tweeting updates about this throughout the day.


Breathing Patterns
See how you’re breathing using new contactless breathing pattern technologies called Structured Light Plethysmography (SLP).

Health During Pregnancy **New for 2017**
Explore which foods and lifestyles are healthy and not healthy during pregnancy. Using anatomical models, understand how a baby develops through pregnancy.

It’s All About Foot Impressions
Use a foam cast box to create an impression of your foot and find out how these are used…

Listen to Your Heart **New for 2017**
Learn how your heart works, hear a heart beat and find out how life saving technology around the heart works.

Meet the Sim Family
Meet Mrs Sim and Baby Sim and find out how they are used in healthcare education.

Morgan Innovation and Technology Ltd **New for 2017**
This display demonstrate how we are passionate about innovations that will make a difference in tomorrow’s world. MIAT work with innovators, inventors and pioneers looking to change lives for the better. Inspired by your ideas, driven by our values.

Nostalgia Den
When you visit our Nostalgia Den, you can feel the warm glow of your memory! You can also explore toys and music from different eras to let you grown up kids share the golden oldies of your youth with the whole family. Take a photo to capture your new memories of the day and bring it home with you!

See Inside Your Muscles **New for 2017**
Using an ultrasound scanner, the same machine used to look at unborn babies, it is possible to look at your muscles, watch them contract and check that they are working correctly.

Step up to the Plate: Healthy Living Challenge **New for 2017**
Health Psychology research allows us to design interventions to help people make positive behaviour changes to improve health. Two key areas which can influence health and illness are our diets and level of physical activity– come and think about these and see how you can change them for the better!

The Annual Mars Bar Bridge Building Challenge
Come and compete in the annual Mars Bar Bridge Building Challenge to see if your bridge can take on our engineering challenge. Will you be crowned the SOTSEF ’17 Champion?

The Brain in Action
The brain controls the body, as well as how we interact with the environment and everything in it. By measuring the brain it allows us to understand which parts are involved in doing what. Where abnormalities in the brain develop, it can be experienced as mental health difficulties.  Come and measure some brain activity and explore other images to figure out how your brain works.

The Human Skeleton **New for 2017**
Use a box of bones to create a skeleton, observe different fractures under x-rays and learn how metal prosthetics are used.



Astronauts Needed for Spaceship Earth **Free, just show up**
Lecture Theatre Room 1067: 11:00-11:40 and 16:00-16:40
We can’t all be like Tim Peake and spend six months aboard the International Space Station. But in a way we are all astronauts because we fly through space at thousands of miles an hour on the surface of a planetary spaceship. We may not be able to steer this spaceship (which is just as well because we don’t want to crash into the Sun!) but we are able to change some important properties that we and all life on Earth depends on. Find out how by coming to this talk that will feature rocket videos, experiments, and the opportunity to try on SCUBA diving kit.

The Burger Apocalypse **Free, just show up**
Lecture Theatre Room 1067: 13:00-13:45. Recommended 12+
The food you buy – and sometimes waste – accounts for around 20% of the UK’s carbon footprint. Reducing your food carbon footprint is one of the most effective ways to reduce your impact on the environment, and the way which can save you the most money. This entertaining and highly participative show explains how you can cut your food carbon footprint and reduce food waste.

Force Within: Fighting Back Against Cancer **Free, just show up**
Lecture Theatre Room 1067: 14:30-15:15
Your immune system keeps you safe and well from invading nasties like viruses and bacteria. In this fun, interactive talk with Cancer Research UK scientist Dr Edd James discover how, at Southampton, we are using this force in the fight against cancer!


Engaging with Proteins **New for 2017**
Drop in sessions all day
The public often think of protein as one of the basic food groups. The fact is that proteins are the building blocks of life.  This project will involve the creation of a large communal piece of artwork, made up of small individual panels, which will explain how proteins play many roles in our bodies, are targeted by drugs and associated with disease.