Zone 8: Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson is a NASA mathematician who influenced every major American space programme

Location: Building 56 (Maths Student Centre)

Find us: Follow the PURPLE coloured signs

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Facilities: This is an accessible venue.


Black Holes: Einstein’s Enigma
Excited by Einstein, but baffled by black holes? Then you need to visit this exhibit. Our resident experts on flexible space and time will explain – and entertain you with – the story of these fascinating objects. Born when dying stars collapse under their own weight and hidden from view. Yet we know they are out there… How? It is all a matter of gravity.

Codes and Codebreaking: The National Cipher Challenge
The University of Southampton National Cipher Challenge is a national code-breaking competition which has run every year since 2002.  Come to read about modern techniques of coding and codebreaking, and attempt some simple amusing coding challenges for yourself.

Helicopters, Jelly Beans and Experiments with Numbers
Can we use the power of numbers to find out more about the world? We’re experimenting with Jelly Beans, and paper helicopters to show how statistics and mathematics make science possible.

Mathematics for Energy in the Modern World **New for 2017**
Mathematics and computing play an enormous (if sometimes hidden) role in the modern world. One of the biggest challenges facing us all in the next century is how to maintain our standard of life without using fossil fuels, and if possible using renewable energy instead.   In Mathematical Sciences we are working with interdisciplinary teams to improve the operation of solar cells and batteries.  Come and find out how mathematics can work in practice to help save the earth.

Maths on the Move **New for 2017**
How do we make autopilot planes safe? Through maths! Learn how we use ‘formal methods’ in computers to make these decisions and have a go at using the technique in some airport safety scenarios.

Same Phones, Same Apps and More Battery Life **New for 2017**
Making the battery in your mobile phone last longer by using clever new software and hardware. Be amazed because your phone battery lasts 20% longer than it did before.  Based on ideas from the PRiME research project.