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Scientists Safari: Adventures Through Time

Highfield Campus

Building: 100

Room: Level 5 (outside 5013)

Age suitable for: 5+

Accessibility alert:
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You will be taken on a journey back in time throughout history, as you meet four significant contributors to science and their discoveries.

Firstly, you will meet Sir Isaac Newton, and explore some Physics fundamentals.

Next you will meet Michael Faraday and explore the wonders of electricity.

Then you will visit Marie Curie where she will teach you about natural radiation, and how it powers today's world.

Finally, you will learn how a telescope works as you meet Nancy Grace Roman. From small ones used to see planets, to big ones used in space to see the universe.

You will be transported to the past, meeting these famous characters from history. You will discover how these scientists have helped to contribute and shape the world we live in today.