A Fetus's Guide to Lifelong Health

A Life Journey - How to get to 100 and enjoy it

Anatomage Table - come and see inside the human body

Biofilms: when slime gets serious

Bringing Microscope Images to Life

Cancer Sciences - The Future of Cancer Treatment

Data Selfies

Discover Clinical Research

DNA in Slime: Biofilm Genebusters!

Early LifeLab, Active Kids! An Exhibition

Feet for Life


Genetic Diagnoses: Communicating the results of genetic tests to family members

GENIE - a website to connect people with long-term conditions to local health and wellbeing activities

Health and Wellbeing Community Hub

Knit a Neuron and Craft Cognition

Looking After Your Good Gut 'Bugs'

Magnets in Medicine

Making 'Light' of Health and Disease

Marvellous Microscopes

Measure Muscle and Helping Hands

Paint Your Pain

People and Prosthetics

Re-Engineering Healthcare

Sensory Science

Slimey Snot and Breathing Lungs

The a-MAZE-ing placenta

The Epic Battle of Man vs Mutant: The Treachery of Tumours

The Fate of a Stem Cell

The Most Dangerous Game in the World

The Mouse Exchange

The Nerve Centre

Virtual Human Project and Interactive Learning Environment

Young Health Correspondent